Natural Daily VentilationNatural Daily Ventilation

At ACS we are aware that the efficient Natural Ventilation of a building creates far less impact upon the environment than a conventional air conditioning system. Additionally a Natural Ventilation system operates at a fraction of the cost, making it the obvious Green daily ventilation solution.

Our daily ventilation systems take advantage of the natural buoyancy of warm air and the differential pressures created by varying weather systems and then in turn opens high and low level vents to create a cross flow of air as a means of natural ventilation.

ACS Natural Ventilation systems may vary from a single conservatory window operated by a wall mounted switch, to multi-zone systems operated by stand alone thermostats, rain sensors and manual overrides. BMS integrated systems are also available utilising the ‘Lonworks’ data network.

AOV - Natural Smoke Ventelation Natural Smoke Ventilation

Preventative Fire Safety is one of the most important aspects to saving human life in modern day buildings. It is a recognised fact that up to 90% of all fire victims are killed by the inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes and not by the actual fire itself. As a fire develops, the smoke will spread at an alarming rate throughout the building. This smoke will damage the fabric of the building, hinder escape of the occupants, is highly toxic and will inevitably impede the efforts of a fire fighting crew in controlling the blaze.

ACS is a specialist market leader in the design, supply and installation of Automatic Opening Vents (AOV’s). We have a range of roof and wall mounted vents, actuators and controls to meet all AOV requirements and can provide cost effective ventilation solutions ranging from a single stairwell AOV/OV to multi zone installations, interfaced with existing or new Fire Alarms or Building Management Systems (BMS).

ACS provide the complete Smoke Ventilation solution from initial design concept through to installation, commissioning and finally maintenance. We will advise and specify the most suitable system to satisfy all current BS and EN Legislation.

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  1. Yasemin Sekerkiran on January 25, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    We are working on a Hotel refurbishment project in Scotland and we need to provide a smoke ventilation for new additional staircase. We will be installing wall mounted opening Vents to provide 1sqm ventilation. We can only make opening 600mm high. Can you advise us a suitable product for this purpose please?
    Thank you for your assistance.

    Yasemin Sekerkiran