How Smoke Ventilation and Automatic Opening Vents AOV work

ACS is a specialist market leader in the design, supply and installation of Automatic Opening Vents (AOV’s) for Smoke Ventilation purposes.

We have a range of roof and wall mounted vents, actuators and controls to meet all AOV requirements and can provide cost effective ventilation solutions ranging from a single stairwell AOV/OV to multi zone installations, interfaced with existing or new Fire Alarms or Building Management Systems (BMS).


ventilation systems1. Actuators

Used on roof-lights and conventional windows, they ensure automated ventilation and reliable smoke extraction in the event of a fire, and also provide natural room ventilation and thermal comfort if linked with daily ventilation and environmental overrides.

2. Control Cabinets

AOV control cabinets are responsible for supplying, monitoring and controlling all the connected components as well as for ventilation control. The units feature integral battery back-up so that the systems can still respond to a fire in the event of power failure for a period of 72 hours.

3. Manual Override Call Points/Smoke Detectors

These wall mounted call points enable the Fire officer to have manual control over the AOV system. In the case of a non automatic system (OV System) they are the only means of opening or closing the Smoke Vent.

Smoke detectors will detect the smoke and send a signal to the control cabinet. This in turn will automatically open the vent within the zone that smoke has been detected.

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